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Adelaide, Australia
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Aaron Heath

Welcome! I'm Aaron Heath, a passionate software developer from Adelaide, Australia, focusing on creating innovative software solutions. My journey in the tech industry has been fueled by a love for continuous learning and coding.

Technical Expertise

My preferred development stack includes Laravel (php) Framework, Vue, Tailwind, Vite, Nginx and MySQL, which I leverage to build efficient, scalable and user-friendly applications. Additionally, my experience extends to a range of other tools and services such as AWS, React, Node.js, Stripe and Square, enabling me to develop a wide range of solutions tailored to specific business needs.

Professional Ventures

I'm the co-founder of Init Development Studios, a boutique software development agency. We pride ourselves on our flagship products, SaaS Insights and the upcoming Static Assets, along with a diverse portfolio of custom software solutions for our clients. SaaS Insights, launched in late 2023, offers Shopify app developers comprehensive metrics and analytics services, filling a gap in the Shopify ecosystem. Static Assets, set to release in 2024, aims to simplify asset management for developers by reducing costs, enhancing app performance, and simplifying development processes.

Beyond Init Development Studios, I cater to personal clients through Heath Solutions, offering software development and IT services that extend beyond the scope of my agency work.

Professional Background

My career has spanned several key roles, including CTO at DPS Publishing, Software Developer at Superloop and Web Developer at Snare. These positions have allowed me to contribute across different sectors, from SIEM and internet services to aged care and disability, allowing me to adapt and thrive in varied environments.

Latest Projects

My most recent passion project, Get Ya Record, offers AFL fans home printable score tracking and information sheets for individual matches.

You’ll often find me developing personal projects that address specific needs, such as creating weather monitoring systems for my home, sports tracking applications and energy usage monitoring tools.

Connect With Me

For a detailed and formal resume, please visit my LinkedIn profile.